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Forgive and forget for tranquility in life

Life is a chain of complex events. Everything is not affable. Often one confronts with others. Disagreement, dispute and disconcert lead to distress. Some soon return to normalcy while others persist with disengagement. But, protracted animosity takes a heavy toll on both your time and energy. Many remain oblivious of this general human behaviour. Consequently, […]

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How to deal with what irritates you

My daughter once asked me a curious, but ubiquitous, question-how does one come out of irritation? She was probably reading something that she was not able to comprehend. Yes, something mundane, something that fails to yield results despite hours of slogging, someone who is over-intrusive pesters you, well the list is endless. All such situations […]

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Images can propel us

My village was a few kilometers from a town. We used to go to the village in a bullock cart. On the other side of the road, I used to see children going to the missionary English medium school. The beautiful school bag that they carried, the lunch box, shoes, tie, belt and uniform were […]

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